Project Design and Management

Santia can work with you and your stakeholders from project inception to completion, ensuring full legislative compliance through:
  • Planning and project design
  • CDM services
  • Specification production
  • Procurement of asbestos removal via our approved list of licensed asbestos removal contractors
  • Onsite project management and analytical services.
Understanding your objectives for the project, we fully assess all of the asbestos, health and safety and CDM aspects to ensure that the work is planned and executed safely. Our expertise and experience enables all of the bespoke elements of the work to be captured in a detailed specification, with careful consideration of all relevant factors. Santia can be as involved in the procurement process as you wish, simply producing a standalone specification or producing an entire tender, hosting site visits and evaluating the submissions. If you would like us to subcontract asbestos removal on your behalf, we can tender the works to our list of approved HSE licensed asbestos removal contractors. All of the contractors on our list have undergone a rigorous supplier assessment and evaluation process led by our Technical Director. This includes the checking of HSE licenses and HSE records such as Improvement and Prohibition Notices, accreditations and industry memberships, insurances, competency and qualifications of staff, capability, case studies and references.
Although independence is required between an analytical company and an asbestos removal company, many customers prefer to manage a single relationship. Placing the works with Santia as opposed to two separate companies enables you to focus on your main business objectives while we manage the works, administer the contract and ensure that the work meets the required legal standards. Santia also has enhanced liability insurance to subcontract asbestos removal. Any contractor working for Santia reflects our business, and must also maintain the same high standards of quality and customer service. As part of our agreement with our approved subcontractors, their performance is monitored on every project through auditing by our analytical team. All contractors on our list must maintain a high level of performance in order to retain their place on our approved list. Santia subcontracts circa £3m per annum of asbestos removal. Therefore, when we annually review our list of approved contractors and evaluate their schedule of rates, we are able to obtain value for money for our clients due to the volume of work available.


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Project Design and Management

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