CDM Site Auditing

The combination of our skills, qualifications and experience in CDM, health and safety and the specialist field of asbestos management enable us to protect your organisation in various CDM roles. Our ability to deliver these services successfully is evidenced by the nature of the projects we have delivered, such as the demolition of a 3 storey former boiler house, including the removal of asbestos, strip out of electrical and mechanical services and total waste management; the project was valued at £3.6m. During this project Santia fulfilled the role of both Principal Designer and Principal Contractor. Auditing is a key tool to monitor health and safety compliance during the entire CDM project, including both the pre-construction phase and the construction phase. During an initial consultation Santia will seek to fully understand your current position, develop a bespoke audit scope and agree the procedures and standards against which we will audit performance. The audit will then design the audit process, which can involve:
  • A desk top review of your documents and procedures
  • Vertical and horizontal audits including site based activities
  • Supplier reviews
  • Training needs analysis
  • Interviews with key employees and contractors.
A comprehensive report is then provided, clearly identifying areas of vulnerability. Your appointed CDM Auditor will fully brief you on the detailed recommendations which are summarised in a risk rated action plan.

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