UKAS Accredited Demolition Surveys

A Demolition Survey is needed before prior to demolition, and is defined in HSG 264 as the type of survey used to “locate and describe all ACMs in the area where the demolition is planned. The survey will be fully intrusive and involve destructive inspection to gain access to all areas, including those that may be difficult to reach”.
Your designated Consultant will undertake a detailed planning process to ensure that the scope of works is clearly defined in a specification. A desk top study and site walkthrough ensures that the survey is planned correctly and safely, and that all areas of the building to be demolished are inspected. As experienced consultants having undertaken Demolition Surveys for many years, it is our view that a Demolition Survey itself should be approached as a process, not a single event. To provide our customers with a fully comprehensive surveying service, Santia implements safe systems of work to ensure that all areas of the building are accessed:
  • Provisions are made in advance of the survey to ensure that any suspect plant and electrical installations are isolated by a qualified electrician who will issue a Permit to Work.
  • Our Surveyors collaborate with qualified Lift Engineers to ensure that the lift shaft can be inspected whilst the lift car is isolated and operated safely.
  • Our Surveyors have powered access licenses to operate MEWPs so that areas at height can be reached and sampled from a safe platform.
  • Some of our most experienced and highly trained Surveyors are also qualified to work in confined spaces, safely entering and working in tunnels and service ducts with the correct specialist equipment.
As the full information required to comprehensively plan and approach a Demolition Survey is rarely available at the time of quotation, Santia typically approaches the survey in phases:
  • Phase 1 - An initial inspection which will identify any areas requiring specialist contractors to gain access.
  • Phase 2 – Inspection of areas concealed by known asbestos materials which require an enclosure to enable safe access.
  • Phase 3 - Collaboration with the demolition contractor who can provide specialist access to areas of the building which will only be revealed during the demolition process itself. At this stage, Santia can provide a ‘watching brief’ with a full sampling and air monitoring service, training and project management.
  Once the on-site inspection is complete, samples are analysed at our UKAS accredited laboratories and the final report is technically reviewed prior to despatch and upload to our online portal, eRisk. Asbestos information can be simply extracted from the survey report using eRisk in a format which enables the dutyholder to commissions its removal prior to demolition. Our Key Account Managers work closely with our customers to help them interpret the results. Santia can then prepare a specification for the removal of asbestos and tender the works on behalf of the customer via Santia’s procurement and project management service. Santia can appoint the asbestos removal contractor directly and project manage the work with full on-site air monitoring and provision of certification for reoccupation, leaving an asbestos-free site which is now safe for demolition to commence.

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